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मेकॉन लिमिटेड
भारत सरकार का संस्थान

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Age Appropriate Fitness Protocols

Public Health Response COVID19


Digital Payment facility is made available for making Payments from 31.01.2020.

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Key Officials


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri HP Das Executive Director (R&D) 9437556983 hpdas@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Chaitanya Das Goswami Goswami Executive Director (Technical Services) 9470193793 cdgoswami@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sanjeev Kumar Executive Director (Corporate Services) 9431706990 sanjeevkumar@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Dilip Kumar Chief General Manager (Inspection & QA) 8718809623 dilip_kumar@meconlimited.co.in
Dr. PK Maji Chief General Manager (Energy) 9470193756 drpkmaji@meconlimited.co.in
Shri UK Vishwakarma Chief General Manager (Marketing) 0651-2483101 ukvishwakarma@meconlimited.co.in
Dr. MK Mukhopadhyay Chief General Manager (GMMB) 9470193681 manasmukherjee@meconlimited.co.in
Dr. Manoranjan Biswas Chief General Manager (HR) 9431708350 mbiswas@meconlimiedf.co.in
Shri DK Ambasta Chief General Manager (S M S) 9431708438 dkambasta@meconlimited.co.in
Shri BK Samal Chief General Manager (NMDC Project) 9431708503 bksamal@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Amitabha Bhattacharya Chief General Manager (IT Services) 9431707901 amitabha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri AK Dayal Chief General Manager (NFD & Mineral Projects) 9431706963 akdayal@meconlimited.co.in
Shri N Kumar Chief General Manager (Rolling Mills) 9470590198 neerajkumar@meconlimited.co.in
Smt. Asha Wazir Biswas Chief General Manager (CMS) 9470193715 awbiswas@meconlimited.co.in
Shri SK Bhattacherjee Chief General Manager (Iron Making) 9470193724 sajalkb@meconlimited.co.in
Shri PP Sen Chief General Manager (Electrical) 9431707908 ppsen@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Amit Pal Chief General Manager (Material Handling) 9431706951 amitpal@meconlimited.co.in
Shri SK Sinha Chief General Manager (Contracts) 9431129537 sanjaysinha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Ranjeet Kumar Chief General Manager (CGD) 9470193806 ranjeet@meconlimited.co.in
Dr. Pradeep Kumar Chatterjee Senior General Manager I/c (CCES & Legal) 9470193070 ckpradeep61@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Santosh Kumar Jha Senior General Manager I/c (Structural) 9431706947 santoshjha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sunil Kumar Verma Senior General Manager I/c (Contracts) 9470193062 sunilkrverma@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Manoj Kumar Senior General Manager (Vigilance) 9470590104 manoj_kr@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sanjay Kumar Senior General Manager (P & MH) 9470590110 sanjaykumar88@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sunil Kumar Senior General Manager (GL & T) 9973803266 sunilkumar@meconlimited.co.in
Shri RN Lal Senior General Manager (Civil) 9470193743 rnlal@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Vinay Kumar Jha Senior General Manager (FS & PD) 9470590376 vinayjha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sanjay Kumar Senior General Manager (GMMB) 9470193676 skumar@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Joydeep Dasgupta Senior General Manager (Projects and PPM) 9431772817 jdasgupta@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Neelesh Binay Sokey Senior General Manager (CCES) 9431706948 neelesh@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Asoke Kumar Sil Senior General Manager (Inspection & QA) 9470193674 aksil@meconlimited.co.in
Shri V Kapila Senior General Manager (Electrical) 9470193673 vkapila@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sundeep Sinha Senior General Manager (CC & HRD) 9431707903 sundeepsinha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Debabrata Chowdhuri Senior General Manager (C & C) 9470193932 chowdhuridebu@meconlimited.co.in
Shri R Shanmugananda Raman Senior General Manager (Structural) 9431351884 rsraman@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sanjay Sengupta Senior General Manager (IMD & Refractories) 9470193718 ssengupta@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sujit Kumar Senior General Manager (Contracts) 9470193792 sujitkumar@meconlimited.co.in
Shri PK Das Senior General Manager (Marketingl) 9425591533 pkdas@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Kali Kumar Mishra Senior General Manager (CGD) 9470193785 kkmishra@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Nilanjan Ray General Manager I/c (NMDC Project) 9430791911 nray@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sabyasachi Thakur General Manager I/c (M A S) 9470193067 sthakur@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Vinod Misra General Manager I/c (NFD & Mineral Projects) 9470193069 vmisra@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Subhas Chandra Jha General Manager I/c (TACD) 9470193736 scj@meconlimited.co.in
Shri KC Padhy General Manager I/c (Infra. - Jharkhand) 9431708081 kcpadhy@meconlimited.co.in
Shri K. Karuppiah General Manager I/c (Bharatnet) 9431100864 kkaruppiah@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Mukesh Saini General Manager I/c (Rolling Mills) 9431101145 msaini@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Athi Rajasekaran General Manager I/c (Environmental Engg.) 9470193930 arajasekaran@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Prafull Kumar Behera General Manager I/c (S M S) 9431706984 pkbehera@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sanjoy Ghosal General Manager I/c (Purchase & Stores) 9470590378 sghosal@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sanjiv Kumar Bage General Manager I/c (CSR) 9470193712 skbage@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Chandan Kumar Singha General Manager I/c (PP & EE) 9470193685 cksingha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Kumud Ranjan General Manager I/c (Metallurgical Wing) 9470193747 kranjan@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sudip Kumar Dwivedi General Manager I/c (I & PC) 9470193751
Shri Ravi Bambha Company Secretary and GM I/c (B & C) 9431129683 ravibambha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Rakesh Kumar Prasad General Manager I/c (Director, Commercial Sect. & EPC Pricing) 9470590330 rkprasad@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Arun Mondal General Manager I/c (CGD) 9470193934 arunmondal@meconlimited.co.in
Shri SK Sahu General Manager I/c (Administration) 9431707904 sksahu@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Subrata Samanta General Manager I/c (Finance) 9431584231 ssamanta@meconlimited.co.in
Ms. Mani Mekala Dasgupta General Manager I/c (Technical Services) 9431101109 mmdasgupta@meconlimited.co.in
Shri M Thangapandian General Manager I/c (IT Services) 9431118452 mtpandian@meconlimited.co.in
Shri K Thangadurai General Manager I/c (HR) 9431129538 ktdurai@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Rabindra Prasad Deputy General Manager I/c (R & D) 9470193696 rprasad@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Mathew Charian Deputy General Manager I/c (Estate) 9431578655 mathewcharian@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Amitava Das Gupta Deputy General Manager I/c (Internal Audit) 9431356424 adasgupta@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri G Chakraborty Executive Director 9470193763 edblr@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Satish Chandra Senior General Manager (Electrical) 9448396964 satishchandra@meconlimited.co.in
Shri BK Bera Senior General Manager I/c (CGD) and Oil & Gas 9948396960 bkbera@meconlimited.co.in
Dr. S Veezhinathan Senior General Manager (Environmental Engg.) 9448396968 sveezhi@meconlimited.co.in
Shri V Selvaraj Senior General Manager (Civil) 9821069658 vselvaraj@meconlimited.co.in
Shri S Yogish Senior General Manager (GL & T) 9448396965 syogish@meconlimited.co.in
Shri AV Rao General Manager I/c (Minerals & Chemicals) 9448396981 avenkatarao@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri AK Nan Chief General Manager (Structural) 9470193730 aknan@meconlimited.co.in
Smt. Amita Banerjee Chief General Manager 9470193716 abanerjee@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri RK Panda Senior General Manager 9470193722 rkpanda@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri Sanjay Sen Chief General Manager 9470193680 sanjaysen@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri Manik Mukhopadhyay Senior General Manager (Contracts) 9434011352 manikm@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri GV Walimbe Executive Director 9868392530 gvwalimbe@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Pradumn Kumar Dixit Chief General Manager (CGD) 9868392512 pkdixit@meconlimited.co.in
Shri NK Garg Chief General Manager (Oil & Gas) 9425239451 nkgarg@meconlimited.co.in
Shri C Mukhopadhyay Senior General Manager (FS & PD) 8825346032 mukhopadhyayc@meconlimited.co.in
Shri JK Jha Senior General Manager (Civil) 9470193745 jkjha@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Jitendra Kumar Senior General Manager (LDPL) 9470193683 kumarjitendra@mecon.co.in
Shri Indranil Sen Senior General Manager (Oil & Gas) 9431101039 indranilsen@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Ajay Kumar Senior General Manager (Civil) 9868208219 ajaykumar@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Manoj Kumar Chaturvedi Senior General Manager (Civil) 8448483161 mkchaturvedi@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Rakesh Sharma Senior General Manager (Contracts) 8448483181 rakeshsharma@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Rajeev Shukla Senior General Manager (Vigilance) 8448483141 rshukla@mecon.co.in
Shri Amit Gangal General Manager I/c (Oil & Gas) 9868392565 gangal_a@meconlimited.co.in
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Dutta General Manager I/c (Infrastructure Projects) 9891087765 rkdutta@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri RK Bhattacharyya Senior General Manager 9470193711 rajibkb@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri RN Kundu Chief General Manager 9470590324 rnkundu@meconlimited.co.in
Smt. C Roy Addl. Chief General Manager 9868392515 croy@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri AK Bagchi Chief General Manager 9448396972 akbagchi@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Shyamal Kumar Dey Senior General Manager (Steel Making) 9431118798 skdey@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Sanjay Bhattacharya Senior General Manager (P & MH) 9431701610 sanjaybhattacharya@meconlimited.co.in
Shri S Mukherjee Senior General Manager (C & C) 9470590334 subratam@meconlimited.co.in
Shri Jiban Kishore Patra Senior General Manager (C & C) 9431701869 patrajk@meconlimited.co.in
Shri K Balakrishnan Senior General Manager (Material Handling) 9448712415 kbalakrishnan@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri R Iyer Chief General Manager (Marketing) 9448396644 ramesh_iyer@meconlimited.co.in
Shri S Saravanan Senior General Manager (Civil) 9496033372 ssaravanan@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri A Mishra Chief General Manager 9470590101 mishraamitav@meconlimited.co.in


NameDesignationTelephone No.Email
Shri Kamal Sarkar Chief General Manager 9470193749 kamalsarkar@meconlimited.co.in
Shri P Subba Rao Senior General Manager (C & C) 9470193728 psubbarao@meconlimited.co.in