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ICONS 2024


Due date of RFP on Hydrogen based Pilot Projects has been Extended till 12th July, 2024 upto 5.00 PM. For details, please visit Tender Wizard, CPP & MECON Website.

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Thermoelectrics Laboratory
Sensor Laboratory
Optoelectronics Laboratory
Next Generation High Temperature Material Joining Laboratory
Multigas Monitoring Laboratory
Machine Laboratory
Induction Heat Treatment
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R&D facilities

Thermoelectrics Laboratory (TEL)

TEL’s focus is to model, test and design the thermo-electric embedded product for the industrial usage. TEL associated with Defence establishment, Steel Industry, Medical Industry etc for their product development and rendered its services to them successfully.

Multigas Monitoring Laboratory

Multigas gas monitoring laboratory is used for online monitoring of gas emission – CO, CO2, NOx, SO2 from industrial stacks and for monitoring of ozone from the ambient. This laboratory is used for developing environmental sensor and instruments.

Sensor laboratory

Sensor laboratory is used for development of sensor system mainly infrared image based sensor such as Infrared Imaging Based Slag Detection System, Ladle Condition Monitoring System etc.

LED Opacity monitor laboratory

The opacity monitoring laboratory is used for on-line measurement of particulate emission from industrial stacks/ chimneys. This laboratory is used for development of environmental monitoring instruments for industries.

Machine Laboratory

This is general purpose laboratory for machining and fabrication. It is equipped with Computer operated CNC Lath machine.

Optoelectronics Laboratory

The Optoelectronics Laboratory is used for development of optical system and associated electronics system such as Dimensional Gauging System, Fiber Optics and Laser Based sensor System etc.

Induction Heat treatment Laboratory

Induction Heat treatment Laboratory is used for development of heat treated system. The heat treated system is used as high strength materials for car body parts, high strength system etc.

Next Generation high temperature material joining laboratory

Friction Stir Welding (FSW) lab’s focus is to develop suitable FSW facility for conducting welding experiments, establish friction stir procedure for obtaining suitable welds, study static and dynamical properties of FSW joints, evaluate micro structural characteristics, evaluate Creep rupture strength, Optimization of FSW parameters etc in advanced high temperature pipe material to be used for supercritical / ultra supercritical power plant.